Can a Nursing Home Take Your House in Massachusetts? What to do!

can a nursing home take your house

Contemplating nursing home care for oneself or a loved one, along with its financial obligations, is stressful to say the least.  The reality is, with average monthly costs of $7,120 a month in the state of Massachusetts, your concerns are more than worthwhile.  While residents can take comfort in the state’s Medicaid (or ‘MassHealth’ in […]

Can You Sell Your House During Bankruptcy & Chapter 13?

can you sell your house during bankruptcy

The short answer is yes; you can sell your house when facing bankruptcy. You’re one of many American citizens who find themselves in this predicament. It’s a big decision that comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. We’ll break down everything you need to know about selling your house during Chapter 13 bankruptcy, […]

Who Gets The House In A Divorce in Massachusetts?

who gets the house in a divorce Massachusetts

Navigating the division of your family home in a Massachusetts divorce is no small feat.  The state doesn’t go for a straight 50/50 split but rather follows equitable distribution. This means a fair, though sometimes complex, division of property.  You want clarity. You want fairness. And most of all, you want to know your options […]

Can You Sell Your House If You Owe Property Taxes?

can you sell your house if you owe property taxes

Selling your house when you owe property taxes? It can feel overwhelming, but it’s totally doable.  This guide will show you the critical steps to get your house sold, even if you’re behind on taxes. You’ll learn your options and get the professional advice needed to navigate this tricky situation smoothly. Key Summary Selling a […]

Can You Sell a House With Code Violations In 2024?

can you sell a house with code violations

Selling a house with code violations can feel like a steep uphill climb. You might be staring down issues like outdated wiring, structural problems, or fire safety concerns. Can a house with such issues really be sold?   Yes, it can. But requires a strategic approach.  We’ll walk you through selling a house with code violations. […]

Selling House Because of Illness or Medical Bills – Key tips

selling house because of illness or medical bills

Struggling with unpaid medical bills and worried about losing your house? It’s a scary thought. The good news? Hospitals usually can’t just take your home. But, there are exceptions. Medical debt can creep up, threatening your homeownership in ways you might not expect. You’re likely overwhelmed and searching for solutions. We’re here to help you […]

Should I Sell My House to Pay Off Debt? & Tips to Sell Fast

should i sell my house to pay off debt

You want to be debt-free. Imagine the relief of no more looming payments, no more interest piling up. But at what cost? Selling your home might seem like the quickest fix, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Your house isn’t just a building; it’s a source of memories and stability. It’s a […]

Moss Home Solutions purchases Seekonk building for its headquarters

699 Fall River Avenue

MOSS HOME SOLUTIONS, a real estate investment firm that facilitates cash sales between distressed homeowners and real estate investors, recently purchased a new headquarters at 699 Fall River Ave. in Seekonk. / COURTESY MOSS HOME SOLUTIONS SEEKONK – Moss Home Solutions, a real estate investment firm that facilitates cash sales between distressed homeowners and real […]

How to Sell a Hoarder House? Fast & For Cash

how to sell a hoarder house

Selling a hoarder house can be a challenging task. It can take months, if not years, to get your hoarder property sold. But with the right strategies and approach, it is possible to sell quickly and if wanted, for cash.  Here is a clear, fool-proof guide on exactly how to tackle the challenges of selling […]

Can You Sell a House When Behind on Mortgage Payments?

can you sell a house if you are behind on payments

So, you’ve found yourself falling behind on your mortgage payments, and the worry of losing your home is keeping you up at night. It’s a tough spot to be in but you’re not alone.  One option you might be considering is selling your house. But can you really do that when you’re behind on payments? […]