122 Sylvan Drive

122 sylvan drive, east greenwich, ri


Showing Wednesday 12/13 (1PM - 6PM)
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  • Square Footage
    4000 Sqft
  • Type
  • Parking
    Attached Garage
  • Year Built
  • Lot Size
    4000 sqft
  • Bed Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Half Bathrooms

Asking:    $750,000.00
Rehab:     $700,000.00
ARV:        $700,000.00

OOP Case

Let's assume we have a class named Fruit. A Fruit can have properties like name, color, weight, etc. We can define variables like $name, $color, and $weight to hold the values of these properties.

When the individual objects (apple, banana, etc.) are created, they inherit all the properties and behaviors from the class, but each object will have different values for the properties.

Define a Class

A class is defined by using the class keyword, followed by the name of the class and a pair of curly braces ({}). All its properties and methods go inside the braces:

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